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A pathway to go from failures to victory

A Blueprint for your success journey


Discover life transforming blueprint for success as Neeraj gets life lessons from a Multi billionaire. Neeraj, a confident and dedicated man, has failed to a point that gets him to take up a suicidal act. What attracts him back towards life? The story reveals astonishing facts that he spots about himself as he move towards retrieval. Further he formulates new belief system to live with greatness. Unveil the secret that he finds on a two days journey, near a lake surrounded by mountains that bridges the biggest gap between his dreams and the reality.

Executable activities have been imbibed in an interesting way following the learning given by the author. These activities help the reader to create his own workbook that is extremely useful to transforms his own life for better. In this book you will discover most powerful lessons that will help you –

  • Identify the root cause that stops you from achieving your goals

  • Develop a new belief system that gives you power to take right decisions

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to become successful

  • Learn the ultimate step by step process of goal setting

  • Effective ways to take action whenever required so as to achieve goals

  • Develop the habits of most successful people in the world

  • Become a winner and live the life of your dream

Sheetal Sisodiya, a life coach and consultant for last 8 years has transformed the lives of many people through her seminars, workshops and personal counseling sessions. She has also helped several companies to improve their performance by conducting in-house training sessions.

A Pathway to go from Failures to Victory

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Free download Chapter 1 of the book - Get up once more

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