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5 expert tips to start New Year 2022 in the best way

Start new year 2022 with a new version of yourself. You are reading this to achieve more in new year 2022, this simply means that you are among those top 10% of people who aspire to do something great in life.

Year 2021 might have given you several experiences, several opportunities, several setbacks, and several learning. Now it’s time to grow more with new year 2022. Here is a list of things that you must do from 1st January to make the best of 365 days.

You may call it new year resolution or you may call it the new road for growth. Ultimately change has to be brought for the betterment. Read all the points written here carefully and make endeavors to follow through those points as execution is the key to growth.

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1. Analyze the year 2021 – As I have mentioned that there must be several ups and downs in the year 2021, you must use this experience to make new year 2022 better than ever. Sit with your diary and think of the year on monthly basis. For each month try to find out the best things done by you. Find out what inspired you to give your best and write it down.

Then ask yourself what were the bad experiences that you went through in each of 12 months. Try to find out the probable mistake from your end that led to that bad experience. And take learning from it. Write this learning in your diary.

Also figure out the opportunities that you missed in this year. What kind of thoughts or behavior resulted in the missed opportunity? Mention the learning in your diary that such behavior wouldn’t be repeated by you in new year 2022.

2. Increase time in your every day – We live in a digital era where every one of us so much occupied that we are unable to find time for things that matter the most. To deal with this crisis in new year 2022, I highly recommend you to give a check to your daily life. Ask yourself these questions: Am I spending the last few hours of night on social media? Am I waking up after 5:30 am? Am I waking up drained? Am I always rushing for being on time? Do I have a lot of things on my task list and I am unable to manage it?

If the answer to some of these questions is YES, this means you need to do something in new year 2022 to increase the time in your day. It is quite simple. You must plan to manage your time on social media. You must make the habit of waking up before 5:30 am to increase hours to your day. Regular exercise would also add up to your energy levels throughout the day. And always plan your day in advance to make the best out of it. Get a diary today to keep up the excitement that is essential for execution. If you find it difficult to wake up early, you must subscribe to my FREE weekly newsletter – ‘The Better Life Challenge’. I am going to reveal the thorough process for FREE to wake up early to all my Email Subscribers till 31st of January, 2022.

3. Prepare a success plan for year 2022 – Every success has a starting point, it always starts with a vision. If you are looking for more growth in new year 2022, you must envision the year in advance. Take your diary, think of what you want in all areas of your life viz. career, relationships, health, spirituality, adventure etc. Write down the goals to be achieved in 2022 and make detailed plan to achieve those goals. Keep in your mind that the goals must be realistic, achievable and inspiring. If you dream too big for 1 year goal, it won’t motivate you enough to take necessary actions.

You must become a go – getter to execute the action plan that you have created. You must read these 7 steps to become successful as this will give you deep insight about making goals and taking actions.

4. De-clutter your house and office – Neat and clean surroundings bring a kind of freshness that inspires the mind to act more creatively. Begin the new year 2022 with a fresh and organized environment. Clean your place, throw away or give away the unnecessary things kept inside for years. Shift your furniture to give a new look to your room or cabin.

Also put in efforts to become more organized than the previous year. Build the habit of keeping things at their place right after using. Try to keep your surrounding organized on daily basis and organize the less managed things on weekly basis to keep up the vibes of freshness last long.

This also gives a sense of being changed for betterment and brings positive effects in other areas of life.

Click here to subscribe for FREE to my weekly guide - The Better Life Challenge. It gives tools and techniques to make better quality of life and to become successful.

5. Keep the positive vibes turned on – Present time has been tough for many people across the globe due to Covid-19 and its effects. In new year 2022, prepare yourself to be have more positive attitude towards life. Feel the calmness, connect with the nature, meditate often and stay away from stress and anxiety.

If you feel good about everything happening in your life on daily basis, you will certainly attract more happiness in your life. Call it the nature’s way to communicate or call it the law of attraction. But the fact is that your emotions are your most valuable asset. When you invest more peace, more happiness, more love, more joy, you get it back in a multiplied way.

So live the new year 2022 with an emotional string that has only positive emotions in it.

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