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5 tips to reduce stress

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We live in a stressful world where everyday we go through several things. An average person has to look after various areas of life which include health, career, relationships, spirituality and his personal areas of interest. A small dis-balance in any of these areas may show its effects in the remaining areas of life. This situation makes life miserable and one might get caught into a vicious circle of grieving experiences. If a person involves himself in self care and take some necessary actions to reduce stress, all the areas of life become better than ever.

Stress is basically a response to an unexpected and unwanted situation. It is a pressure that begins when we sense a danger. Human mind is structured in a way that whenever we sense danger, the mind creates a fight or flight response. This response is useful to handle dangerous situations but when we feel stressed for long, this is due to the thoughts that we create. In such case, mind doesn't come back to relaxed state easily and gradually becomes the root for several diseases such as high blood pressure or cardiac arrests or digestive problems. Here are 5 highly effective tips to overcome stress and become peaceful.

5 tips to reduce stress

  1. Change the focus - Generally stress becomes deep rooted in our mind when we give much thought to a particular problem. You should not spend much time thinking about the problem, rather your focus should be on it's solution. Take a pen and paper, and write down all the possible solutions of a particular problem. Eliminate the ones that are non executable and finally select a solution and start implementing it. If a particular solution doesn't bring desired results, try other solutions.

  1. Change your emotional state - Stress doesn't become the part of your daily emotions in a short time. It is usually the result of other negative emotions that we feel on regular basis. Gradually when the frequency of feeling such emotions increase, it results in stress. Thus, we must learn the skill to change a emotional state at will. To do this, when you feel sad, frustrated, angry or any other negative emotion, change your focus and change your body language. Breathe deeply, count backwards from 20 to 1, and think of something that makes you feel good. Change the expressions of your face to that of peace and happiness.

  2. Eat healthy, take fluids, sleep well - Have proper schedule for your meals and consume more of fresh vegetables, fruits, and leafy vegetables. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily and also consume juices. And most importantly, take a sound sleep for around 7 hours. Stay away from any kind of negative emotions before half an hour of sleeping. These habits are essential to give energy to your body.

  3. Exercise and Meditate - Exercise not only keeps body in shape, it also helps the mind to be in a resourceful state. Regular exercise makes the mind peaceful and reduces stress. Also daily meditation is very important for emotional stability. It helps us become focused, and connects us to the supreme power. As an effect of meditation, our mind and body heal themselves and creates a peaceful mental state.

  4. Practice progressive muscle relaxation - Stress gets accumulated in different parts of body. To release stress from these parts, practice this technique regularly. To do this activity, take your focus on each part of your body - from head to toe. Close your eyes and imagine each body part to be stressed and then consciously release the stress and feel lighter and relaxed in that part of body. This activity releases the stress makes you feel good and relaxed.

Start today with these tips and change your life for a better tomorrow.

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